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New Arrivals

Learning Playground Learning Playground Learning Playground supports learning across a wide range of elementary curriculum topics through ... More Info Childcraft - The How & Why Library Childcraft - The How & Why Library World Book's Childcraft set is a classic blend of photos, illustrations, activities and concepts ... More Info A Look At A Look At Books in the A Look At series answer such questions, taking kids on a journey through different ages.. More Info
Building Blocks of Science Building Blocks of Science World Book introduces its first graphic nonfiction series, Building Blocks of Science More Info Explore the Solar System Explore the Solar System This highly illustrated, 10-volume series introduces young students to the sun, planets.. More Info Learning Ladders - II Learning Ladders - II Presented by World Book Encyclopedia, this beloved set features beautiful artwor.. More Info
Student Dictionary Student Dictionary this beloved set features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest.. More Info World Book Year Book World Book Year Book The World Book Year Book is a 496-page record of the year 2011, covering current events.. More Info New Young Scientist New Young Scientist This 10-volume set presents an picture of what scientists have learned about life and the universe ... More Info