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Fischertechnik Robotic Lab

fischertechnik is a flexible construction system which combines curriculum with products to provide the most innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education available. Our components and kits allow a multitude of systems and system models to be created by slotting precision-engineered parts together. The fischertechnik basic building block is still the only building block today that can have attachments made to all six sides. This "many-sided" block forms the basis for all fischertechnik building sets, which are put together according to age and capabilities of the user.

Play and Learn Products from fischertechnik
fischertechnik Junior products were created for children to help them to plan and learn through play, all while allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of technology and specifically (STEM) education. The independent construction of fischertechnik models promotes logical thinking and creativity, and also supports the natural ability of young minds to grasp technology in the truest sense of the word. The fischertechnik world for children is as limitless as their imagination, because all building sets fit itogether smoothly and supplement each other.

fischertechnik in Education
fischertechnik has many products which promote STEM education starting from the age of 5 right through to college and beyond. fischertechnik products provide engaging, hands-on equipment and curriculum which encourage the development of problem-solving skills, as well as critical and creative thinking. Their STEM education programs give students the necessary foundation required for a successful career in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Higher Ed and Industrial Applications
Fischertechnik kits are used in countless labs and centers of learning in every country--from the Wufeng Institute of Technology in Taiwan to the Department of Computers and Information Systems at the University of Pennsylvania to the vocational training centers of giants of modern industry such as BMW, Daimler-Chrysler and Porsche. That’s because for over 40 years fischertechnik has been highly regarded as one of the best systems available for engineering, design and modeling.

Why is fischertechnik Better?

Our basic building block has become legendary:
- New elements can be attached on all six sides of any block
- Each block is made from three specially selected materials (plastic, nylon & metal), ensuring maximum stability and flexibility
- Allows an endless variety of possible combinations

Let's take a closer look below at a fundamental building block from fischertechnik. Note how the nylon nib is countersunk into the plastic block. Since this nib must have high tensile strength, able to both hold and flex, premium nylon material is used to construct it. Inside the block, the nylon nib is reinforced with a metal pin. This may cost more, but it creates superior strength and flexibility to help make the fischertechnik system the most capable modeling system in the world.

How is it that fischertechnik came to make the best construction system available on the globe? It starts with fischertechnik's parent company and founder, Artur Fischer. fischertechnik is a relatively small division of a firm named Fischerwerke. Fischerwerke is not a toy company. Fischerwerke's primary business is the manufacturing of industrial connectors for the construction and automotive industries. With fischertechnik, Artur Fischer took the firm's expertise in engineering and materials to construct a modeling system of superior quality and capability.

The advantages:
- A clear structure and truly realistic results
- Fast, safe assembly; no other tools needed
- First-class materials guarantee safe play, maximum stability and longevity -- fischertechnik is built to last!
- Completely compatible with all parts back to 1965
- New kits exponentially expand the possible ways of developing models

Now with over three decades of experience and development, the fischertechnik construction kits and robot kits address a broad range of technology and engineering concepts across a spectrum of ages from 5 years old to adult professionals.

The success story: over 40 years of fischertechnik

1964 is remembered as a year of great changes in countless fields, from science to politics to popular culture. It was also the year that a German inventor changed the way that countless people around the globe would come to understand and learn about technology, robotics and engineering.

The fischertechnik system was created in 1964 by Professor Artur Fischer. A highly creative and prolific individual, Professor Fischer patented his first invention, a Photo Flash Light, back in 1949, and he currently holds 1080 patents in his name. He still hopes to someday overtake Thomas Edison, who recorded 1093 patents during his own lifetime.

The system Fischer created is based on a basic building block, which can be built out or built on all six sides. This "many-sided" block forms the basis for all fischertechnik building sets, which are put together according to age and capabilities of the user. These sets allow the user to experience and understand the world of technology, whether the intent is to learn or just to play.

The original fischertechnik construction sets were intended as Christmas gifts for the customers and associates of Mr. Fischer’s nylon wall plug business. These initial sets proved so popular that he decided to release them on a larger scale. The sets were then featured on German television during Christmas of 1965, and later introduced to the retail toy market the following spring. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The response was enthusiastic, and public demand led to many additional sets, as well as a string of awards, starting with “Best Toy of 1966”, and continuing right up to 2009, when fischertechnik received it’s eighth coveted “Golden Rocking Horse” award as German Toy of the Year from “Familie and Co”. magazine.

And even now, 40 years later, fischertechnik sets are still highly in demand. This is due to the enduring appeal of their unique and now classic design coupled with the continuing addition of new components and technologies. As Mr. Klaus Fischer, the current head of the fischer Group said “"Continually having new and interesting topics, finding a mixture of the proven and the new," is the fischertechnik recipe for success.

Today fischertechnik building sets are used and coveted around the world, not only by aspiring young engineers but also in classrooms and labs, as well as industrial simulations and training. And the “FT” community of aficionados is as strong as ever, with fan clubs, conventions and countless websites, blogs and YouTube video posts where they share their designs and their passion for Artur Fischer’s unique and enduring creation.