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If you are a student of Higher Secondary or Pre University or a candidate for various Joint Entrance Examinations, now you have a new choice of getting additional teaching-aid; that choice is CLEaRS

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Each student is different and unique in his/her learning ability. Typical classroom teaching is ‘hit or miss’ which often not enough for most of the students. That is the reason they seek additional learning-aid such as coaching classes; unfortunately, coaching classes offer the same classroom teaching.CLEaRS is the solution for additional learning help!

CLEaRS evaluates how much a student knows, then creates an individualized study plan like a private tutor. The software is programmed to adjust itself to the teaching levels, higher or lower, to the needs of each individual student.

That is why more and more parents are opting for CLEaRS, the computer-based preparation system that works like a PERSONAL COACH. This self-assessing and self-study system also give real-time reports of your study progress. Study according to your own schedule, any time of the day or night, sitting at your home; Top students are using CLEaRS everyday to gain that EXTRA edge with a fraction of coaching class cost.

CLEaRS is an amazing software that teaches like master private tutors;

CLEaRS is created with the availability of 21st Century computer technology and the decades of teaching experiences of passionate teachers.

CLEaRS knowledge bank is compiled by 60 professors across 3 years, CLEaRS is a comprehensive science teaching aid for Higher Secondary, Pre University and all JEEs. It contains the equivalent of 25 textbooks and 10,000 tests, apart from software-based lesson plans, evaluation and monitoring systems in a stand alone CD that requires no internet support.