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KnowlAdge Easy Lab

About KnowlAdge
KnowlAdge is a reputed Software Company headquartered at Cochin, engaged in the development and marketing of various software products. Our products are in the market for more than 12 years and used by thousands of reputed institutions and lakhs of students in India and abroad. Our products help the students to learn their subjects much better, faster, easier, and effective.

About KnowlAdge Educational CDs
An interactive multi-subject learning aid that will enhance the knowledge and improves academic performance of the students

Subjects/Topics covered in the CD's
Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are the core subjects covered in EasyLab from fundamentals to research level aspects in simple, easy, descriptive presentations of C Programming Language.

All chapters are classified into sub topics and presented in an easy to understand Question and Answer format to help the students to unravel the essence of their curriculum in just a click.

How are these softwares different from a text book?

  • The software is a comprehensive study guide and an instant reference point that will help you excel at your studies
  • The answers are topical. You can find definitions and descriptions at just a click of the button
  • The topics are comprehensive and touch upon the fundamental aspects of each subject in simple language and wonderfully illustrated formats
  • The software helps the students immensely to learn even the most complex concepts in the easiest possible manner
  • It makes learning fun and visually stimulating
  • Students will find it easy to understand the lessons explained with visual display of images, graphics, pictures and animations
  • These high quality, topic rich multimedia capsules have been prepared lesson-wise
  • Helps to increase student's interest in learning
  • Brings better concept clarity
  • Helps to save learning time
  • Increase retention level and reduce cramming
  • Effective learning